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Speech by Tricia Holderman

First do no harm.

This oath applies more today than ever. And it applies more than ever in the Environmental Services Department.

Elite Facility Systems does definitive evaluations and creates a system of best practices and services for the safety and cleanliness of your facility. We create solutions that are easy to implement with the most current strategies and products in the following disciplines.

Infection control
Patient safety
Patient Transport
Recycling programs
Indoor air quality
Environmental issues
Environmental Services Healthcare Staffing
Emergency Preparedness Plan
Pandemic planning
Business continuity.
Environmental staff education
Language systems
Products – solutions, equipment, paper and plastics
Patient flow

Disease specific care
Information management
NPFA Life safety codes
Mold Inspection and Remediation
Environmental rapid response team
Biosafety standards
Linen management and benchmarking
Lab safety
Chemical and Biohazard issues
Bloodborne pathogens
Compliance training
Medical waste
Environmental Robotics
Janitorial Services